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We are an agency, designed to be a part of your company.

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Helping Businesses With Digital Needs Since 2008

MarketerButler is a remote-company. This means that we have staff across Europe, to assist with market knowledge and language capabilities.

We are a UK company with base in Chester. We specialising in helping customers from UK, Spain and Denmark. 

Our intention is to take over at any condition you may need us. We can either function as your marketing department or an extension of your marketing department.


Business Advice

You can at any time request to speak to our founders. They have lots of business experience in all from freelancer to corporate stage.

Investment Planning

Spending money on Marketing is your investment in your future for your business. We can assist with budget planning and work with what you have, and advise you accordingly.

Safe And Secure

The most important for us is to ensure we keep your data secure. Therefor we only use industry leading providers for all our services.

Making an Impact - Reach your customers

Growing your business into new markets as well as growing existing markets is so much more than running a Facebook ad. Yet, Facebook can be one of many tools that must be used along the journey. 

We are not dedicated to a certain platform but we take any product into account when putting your marketing strategy together.


First mover – in more than 11 years

Since day 1 we have always focused on the newest technology available. We are always fascinated by new opportunities and we test every new product that comes to the market.


World population with active Instagram (MAU)


World population with active Facebook (MAU)

On-Boarding Team

We value that a good On-Boarding experiences and you are either meeting with our CEO or COO in the initial stage, so we can asses and put the correct team on around your tasks.

Jannik Hansen

Jannik Hansen


Gillian Robinson-Hansen

Gillian Robinson-Hansen


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We respond to most emails within hours. You can reach us by phone between 9-17. 

Concinnity Group Ltd.

152 – 160 City Road
Kemp House 
London, EC1V 2NX

+44 75 1441 3851

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MarketerButler is a part of Concinnity Group Ltd.

1st Floor, Management Suite, Broughton Shopping Park, Flintshire Chester, CH4 0DE

152 – 160 City Road
Kemp House
London, EC1V 2NX

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