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Full Service Web & Marketing Agency

We understand WHY you need marketing.
Our Customers Get’s Customers. New once. 🙂 

What We Do

Before we even start working with you, we asses your business with you. We provide marketing advise with business understanding. Our team has combined being involved in over 20 companies being founded. We understand business!


It’s nice for people to know about your business. So more than just hunting potential leads, we can also help you effect their decisions before they are in the market for your product.


Imagine a day, where you wake up to numerous new leads in your inbox or CRM system that want to know more about your products. What will that mean for your business? 


We are fortunate that we have a large range of skills. If you needs are more complex than just marketing, we can take on the development gloves – and build what you need. (Web, App etc)


We want to be the full marketing department (including your CMO), that your company just haven’t been able to either afford or find yet. Therefore, we can brainstorm with you from the idea stage.

Web Design

Wheather you want a Shopify or WordPress designed or re-designed we have the skills. 

We analyse all ads spent

Month by month, we will analyse your ad-spend with you and plan together about how your company’s money is spent best.


We have experience in developing apps in all from Shopify, WordPress, IOS (iPad, iPhone), Android and basic web-apps (PHP7).

Content Strategy

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Business Mentoring

We can offer business mentoring, so you can literally call our CEO and just brainstorm about different ideas. We like to share they way we think, for you to get ahead with your business.

Let’s Work Together

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